Monday, 2 February 2009

Timing Is Critical

Having just started semester two knowing that I had referred yet again another assignment on little mistakes I feel has I need to be paying more attention to proof reading documents and submission material before it is due.

The referral of A3: Sounds Like a Plan really got me down especially when it was mainly due to the fact the spelling and punctuation was not acceptable and needed to be re worded and written. Although on a good note I did pass the A4: Typecast which made workload a lot easier and gave me less to worry about and more time to spend on the upcoming assignments.

Having being given and read the new brief’s I think that If I can manage to fill in my time management sheets correctly and pay attention to detail I could end up getting a good grade.

A5: Builder and A6: The Big Picture projects will mainly concentrate on our creative and development skills. This I think will give me the perfect opportunity to express my creative side and do something more exciting and less academic.
Our first task is to create a manga character based either on a self-portrait or just to be creative and develop a nice concept design.

I feel that If I can put more effort in to achieving the project outcomes and appreciate on how the subject needs to be approached I will have a good structure to go on to the final assignment of year one. Keeping in mind that I keep notes on development practice and remember to log my times spent working.

Looking forward into the future of the A7 creative brief I think that this will be a fantastic opportunity to gather everything that we have learned and put it in to practice and being specific amounts and technical measurements we must not pass will give us a understanding of how the real design industry works.