Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Let The Good Times Roll

Having left college in may I found myself thinking what I would do to keep myself active during the time I had free? Unfortunately I found myself not having one day of rest apart from the weekends. During the holidays I took a role at the design mechanics for one month before I was offered a website design position at go2you.co.uk now trading under the Pawprintsigns.

The whole three months have go so quickly I have not even had much time to think and gather everything I will need for the start of the new year at Wakefield College. Being back was a sign of relief but now that I have a working job at the same time I think I need to pay more attention on home to manage my time more efficient and make sure that the work I do at college doesn’t fall low because of lack of effort.

I can say It is good to be back at college and back learning what I love and this year I hope will be better than the last and I will gain more out of it. The projects that we have been set will determine how the year goes especially the Self Managed Learning Plan (SMLP), which is where I will have to develop a specific subject alone and manage everything.

Well now I have outlined in brief what I have been doing over the last three months and the first week back at Wakefield College lets see what the year holds for me.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

PHP and MYSQL - Including CMS Resources

I have been looking around now for a while to find some good and easy reading books. Having asked around and some developers I know below is a list of resources;

Web Based tutorials and information sites


Paperbased Materials

PHP & MYSQL for Dummies 2nd Edition
Teach Yourself MYSQL in 24 Hours
PHP and MySQL Web Development (4th Edition)
Pro Zend Framework CMS: Building a Full CMS Using Advanced Aspects of the Zend Framework
Head First PHP & MySQL

There will some more additions to this list so please keep ahving a look at what I will be using to complete the SMLP.

Monday, 7 September 2009


Having been in the design industry for quite some time I feel that it is a must to be able to create dynamic and interactive websites and database driven sites. From what I know and have seen, the demand for this kind of skill set is highly demanded from growing and already established companies.

Knowing that I have to undertake a self managed learning program and that I am more than capable in the design and development areas, I think I would like to increase my development skill set by learning how dynamic and database driven websites are created.

For this I have researched different kinds of content management systems including Wordpress and Joomla and have realised that PHP and MYSQL are the main scripting/programming language and database application that are used to make these programs run.

Over the last two month my aspects and role has changed dramatically because not only do I only need to know the fundamentals of how computer languages work but I also need to know what kind of media and file type different programs have to be in.
Being confident of what I already know about the design industry and how things work and what is required I think PHP and MYSQL would be the best option to study for my 8 weeks of the SLMP.

After looking at the current job opportunities on the internet I think that by knowing these skills would increase the chance of landing a development role in the industry and getting a better paid salary.

My goal from the SMLP is to have enough knowledge about PHP and MYSQL to design and create my own custom content management system. By doing this I will be looking at different online and paper based resources to help me along with the learning process.