Friday, 3 April 2009

The up's and downs of an Interactive Media student

Now that it has nearly come to the end of the first year on the HND Interactive media I am still wondering where all the time went.

The last couple of weeks have been quite stressful with the assignments and tasks that I have had to do. Trying to juggle between two assignments is becoming more of an instant task than a relative practice.

Having to build a website and make sure that it met the project goals previously stated in the earlier assignment was on of the two of the tasks that I had to juggle with the other to develop and create image manipulations using Adobe Photoshop.
I thought that the building of the website was quite easy to do, but I still kept focus on the task and tried to pick up anything that I was doing wrong or doing different to what I was being taught. The creative assignment I thought was the most ambitious and I found that I really enjoyed creating different pieces of work including advertisement banners and a website interface.

I felt that I had done enough work in both assignments to get the grades I deserved but with not paying attention to the little detail I missed a vital element on building a website which caused the website not to validate. For the other assignment my development work was good quality and yet again not paying attention to detail was my downfall of receiving a higher mark than I achieved.

Looking Back at the last few weeks I am starting to realize that if I can pay attention more and use the spare time I have constructively I could grind out the better grades.