Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Better Late than Never!!!

Its finally come to the end of the first year of the HND Interactive Media course and what a roller coaster the last couple have weeks have been with issues in and out of college.

I was given the last core assignment and creative brief that was to last until the end of the semester and to be one of the most important modules I had to learn. Not having much motivation and determination in the weeks that I started to develop the creative work.
This included designing a digipak that consisted of a front, back, spine, inner cover and a CD-Rom design for a German music production company Ratser-Noton.

During this assignment brief I felt quite optimistic towards what I had to develop and looked forward to making the custom designs. But a few weeks into the development I began to feel the strain between trying to stop my emotions from outside of college that had developed conflicting with the works progress.

But has the weeks dragged out I am still finding it hard to separate the feelings from what is occurring and its making me lack confidence and motivation which doesn’t help me when creating artwork.
Also for this brief we had to design a new logo for the company and had to promote the new release of a current album including writing a promotional review and designing a advertisement which had budget and measurement restrictions.

Overall I have had a good start to the HND Interactive media course and hpe to progress to the second year but the last few weeks have been an emotional tragedy. Looking to over come this and make the best of what I can do is a key factor to my progression.

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