Monday, 7 September 2009


Having been in the design industry for quite some time I feel that it is a must to be able to create dynamic and interactive websites and database driven sites. From what I know and have seen, the demand for this kind of skill set is highly demanded from growing and already established companies.

Knowing that I have to undertake a self managed learning program and that I am more than capable in the design and development areas, I think I would like to increase my development skill set by learning how dynamic and database driven websites are created.

For this I have researched different kinds of content management systems including Wordpress and Joomla and have realised that PHP and MYSQL are the main scripting/programming language and database application that are used to make these programs run.

Over the last two month my aspects and role has changed dramatically because not only do I only need to know the fundamentals of how computer languages work but I also need to know what kind of media and file type different programs have to be in.
Being confident of what I already know about the design industry and how things work and what is required I think PHP and MYSQL would be the best option to study for my 8 weeks of the SLMP.

After looking at the current job opportunities on the internet I think that by knowing these skills would increase the chance of landing a development role in the industry and getting a better paid salary.

My goal from the SMLP is to have enough knowledge about PHP and MYSQL to design and create my own custom content management system. By doing this I will be looking at different online and paper based resources to help me along with the learning process.

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